How is the auto industry in China overcoming the pandemic effect?

How is the auto industry in China overcoming the pandemic effect?

Overcoming the covid 19 pandemic situation, the auto industry of China is blooming again. As the biggest production factory in China, Bestbuysupplier has an important role to play in this process.

During the pandemic, the Auto industry of China had to follow the zero-covid policy. China has been the largest auto producer and consumer country on the earth for 13 consecutive years. Although, during the pandemic, all sectors had to face several financial crises, the auto industry of China has started to bloom again, and in this process, the statistics indicate the rapid growth in market demand for the country's new energy vehicles. According to the statistics, it is facing a sales surge of 44.6 percent every year. Only Tesla's Shanghai factory has delivered more than 1,80,000 electric vehicles in the first four months of 2022. On 15th May, an electric car-loaded ship left a Shanghai port for Belgium with more than 4000 electric cars produced by Tesla's gigafactory.

It is crystal clear that China's auto industry is getting dependent on electric vehicles. More companies are stepping into the E vehicle market, increasing the demand for E vehicle parts in the market. On the other hand, some Chinese automotive firms have recently launched new auto models. For instance, we can talk about FAW's new SUV model Hongqi LS7 and Dongfeng Motor's high-end electric multi-purpose vehicle VOYAH Dreamer.

We understand that after the pandemic situation, the automotive industry of China is facing rapid growth, and as a result, there is a huge demand in the market for automotive parts and other auto accessories. It is not a secret that after the pandemic was over, every sector has worked with twice enthusiasm to fill the gap in the market, and if we look at the statistics, we can say that the auto industry of China has succeeded or is very close to the success point. As an example, we can talk about SAIC Motor. The company aims to sell more than 6 million vehicles this year, increasing more than 10 percent year on year. In April, the company succeeded in selling 167,000 vehicles. It is an impressive picture of the automotive industry in China.

As electric vehicles are the latest demand of the market worldwide, production companies have to focus on increasing production to meet the market demand. These vehicles have different parts, accessories, and features. Even the traditional vehicles are also changing their features and getting updated as new companies are stepping into the automotive industry. China has always been the hub of the global automotive industry. Because of the pandemic restrictions, this industry also had to suffer, but now every leading company and the production companies have to work together to re-establish the balance in the supply chain.

Bestbuysupplier is a responsible production company that aims to contribute to the growth of the auto industry in China

Being one of the biggest production factories in China, Bestbuysupplier aims to contribute to the growth of the automotive industry in the country after the Covid 19 pandemic. The automotive industry is one of the biggest industrial parts of China and that's why it is also the center of industrial finances in China. Our highly professional and skilled team members produce high-quality and original automotive parts and accessories to help the industry grow faster. We understand the gradually shifting paradigm of the automotive industry, and that's why we are also giving enough attention to electronic vehicles and trying to increase the accessibility of E vehicle parts in the market. So that more and more people can adopt new and eco-friendly technology. Contact us for further discussion.

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