Teach you to do hot pot base, the recipe than the public, you can also do hot pot at home

Step 1: Pour 1250g of canola oil into a pot and heat to 80 degrees (240 degrees), then turn off the heat and cool down.

Step 2: Prepare the spices. Put 8 grams of star anise, 5 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of allspice, 10 grams of aromatic leaves, 3 grams of white button, 2 seeds of herb nuts, and 1 aromatic fruit into a bowl, then(牛涮鍋) squeeze in an appropriate amount of water and soak the spices in the water for 20 minutes to remove impurities; finally, pour the cleaned spices into a cooking machine and break them up for use.

Step 3: Add 150g of chili pepper, 400g of chili pepper, 150g of bell pepper, 50g of chili pepper; then add water to the pot, pour the dried chili pepper into the pot and boil for 15 minutes, boil the chili pepper and then take out and dry the water; then put the boiled chili pepper into the wall breaker to make patty pepper and pour into a large pot for use.

Step 4: Oil accessories: 150 grams of ginger cut into slices for use; 150 grams of small onion, 60 grams of cilantro, 120 grams of green onion, all or cut into sections for use; 125 grams of green and red peppercorns in a large bowl ready. Add some 52 degrees of highly developed white wine, stir well and soak for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Chop 50g of ginger, 50g of pickled ginger, 50g of red bell pepper, 50g of edamame, 50g of garlic, all chopped and put together on a plate; 200g of bean paste, fully chopped and ready to use.

Step 6: Put the butter into the pot. When the oil temperature reaches 70%, pour in the cold rapeseed oil. Heat up the oil to 50% heat. Add the chopped ingredients to the pan. Fry slowly over low heat until the ingredients are browned and drained, then remove the ingredients and squeeze out the oil.

Step 7: Heat the oil in the wok to 50% heat, add the prepared patty chili into the wok, stirring with a spoon to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the wok, and stirring the chili to dry and simmer for 15 minutes;

Add the black bean paste to the pot and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes; add the chopped black bean paste, pickled ginger, pickled pepper, minced ginger and minced garlic to the pot and simmer over medium-low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly with a spoon.

Step 8: Add 20 grams of rock sugar to the pot to keep it fresh, cook the rock sugar until it melts, add 40 grams of old dates, simmer over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes, and finally add 10 grams of white wine to remove the odor from the butter, simmer over low heat for 5 minutes and turn off the heat.
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