What kind of parts are suitable for CNC machining centers?

What kind of parts are suitable for CNC machining centers?

Previously, the mold processing mostly braun thermoscan thermometer used the hand-made method, which must make samples with cooked plaster and subsequently make solid models with steel. Use the gantry planer to grind and flatten and then use the hand-made or CNC engraving machine to hand-carve out the appearance of the commodity mold shell with the sample. All processing methods on the production and processing of the master's craft is very high, and very time-consuming, once the error can not be changed, the work is lost. CNC machining center can carry out a variety of processes at one time, production and processing efficiency is not analogous to hand-made. Before the production processing with computer graphics design, simulation simulation test production processing product workpiece is not in line with the provisions, according to the sample immediately adjust, further improve the error tolerance, reduce the error rate. It can be said that the CNC machining center is suitable for mold manufacturing industrial equipment.

2. Box body parts
Look complicated, the internal Graphics miner structure of the internal cavity, the volume is very large and has more than one hole system, the internal structure of the box body length, width, height with a certain ratio of parts suitable for CNC machining center CNC lathe processing.

3.complicated oblique surface
CNC machining center can be a clamping, precision cnc machined parts in addition to the clamping surface of all the sides and top of the production processing, models are different production processing fundamentals are not the same, machine tool spindle or operating table with the product workpiece can be rotated 90 ° production processing. Therefore, CNC machining center is suitable for the production and processing of cell phone parts, automotive supplies, and its aerospace materials. Such as cell phone back cover cell phone back cover, car engine exterior design these.

4. Shaped parts
CNC machining center can container clamping, can be drilling, milling, boring, expansion, reaming, rigid tapping and a variety of processes such as production and processing as one. For must point, line, surface multi-process mixed production and processing, appearance design is not standard parts shaped parts, CNC machining center is the appropriate industrial equipment.

5. Disc, set, seat body parts
CNC machining center in accordance with the different machine tool spindle operation method for the hole system containing the Kin slot, axial hole or bore has all over, beveled disk set or shaft parts, such as couplings with flange, with Kin slot or square head shaft parts, etc.. Also have more holes structure production processing of seat parts, such as a variety of motor cover, etc.. Bore has all over the hole system, beveled disk parts should be selected for vertical machining center, with axial hole can choose vertical machining center.

6. Regular mass production of parts
CNC machining center production processing time generally involves 2 parts, one is the production processing time required, the second is the production processing time in advance preparation. In which the advance preparation time occupies a high proportion. This includes: machining process time, program writing time, part prototype time, etc. The CNC machining center can store this actual operation for continuous application afterwards. That way, this time can be saved when the part is produced later. The production cycle time can then be significantly reduced. This makes it particularly suitable for high-volume production with order information.

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