Ryan put on a toast! Kakao Friends launches breakfast-themed products


Kakao Friends, a Korean super-ramming communication software character, has launched a new series of breakfast-themed products, including dolls, canvas bags, Airpods protection boxes, etc., which are sold in official online stores, and fans ’ wallets are bleeding again ~


Kakao Friends has been loved by everyone. Recently, they have launched a new breakfast series. The characters have all become breakfast dishes. Ryan puts on toast, Apeach puts on tomato, Tube puts on egg, and Jay-G puts on. Avocado is really cute!


In addition to dolls, this series of products have many practical items, including canvas bags, wallets, cosmetic bags, small bags, computer bags, Airpods protective sleeves, and even bottle openers. They are affixed to the refrigerator when not in use. They are cute and beautiful.