Listen, do you know everything? These computer tips are simple and practical.

computer for desktop

With the development of computers, which can be found in almost every industry, we can hardly live and work without them, and they can greatly improve our efficiency.

Therefore, mastering some simple and effective computer tips can help us accomplish a lot of things. Today, we will organize some computer tips. Let's take a look!

1. win + D back to their computer for desktop

When we are watching a video or reading too many things, click the win D key to go directly back to the desktop, which is one of our best choices!

2. win + E to open the file manager.

How do we open the file?

It is estimated that many people habitually open the computer, file manager or a certain disk to find the necessary files.

But they are actually our own do not need so much trouble, we teachers can by clicking the win + E key combination, you can directly open the file manager.

3. restore the desktop icon

When I first came into contact with computers, I was just familiar with my computer control panel, recycle bin and other common applications.

But many new computer desktops will not have the icons we commonly use, but do not know how to add them to the desktop, causing a lot of inconvenience to the computer.

Next we can open the computer settings, and then select Personalization, to the theme, and finally add desktop icon settings, we need to manually add icons online!

4, two applications quickly switch

Once I saw a friend playing a game and returning messages in seconds. I am very envious.

But we learned ourselves after students feel particularly simple, in fact, can be realized in China the principle of this process is the enterprise at the same time press the Alt and Tab keys, you can open the latest two aspects of the application management interface to quickly switch!

5. Ctrl Z step back

It is human nature to make mistakes! After all, we're human beings, not machines, and it's impossible to guarantee that we'll never make a mistake.

So what do we do if we make a small mistake while archiving, such as deleting a file by mistake?

We can use the Ctrl+Z shortcut to remedy the situation!

6. Limit app notifications

As a bit obsessive-compulsive me, every time you can see more in the notification bar for some of the settings that are not useful, for example: focus on learning assistants, etc., looking at it is very difficult, and sometimes affects the efficiency of the enterprise work management.

In fact, the solution to this problem is very simple,convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat click on the navigation bar focus assistant, and then enter the settings will be applied to close the notification on the line, reduce unnecessary notification interference!

7. quickly close the page

We are watching videos, shopping Taobao, brushing microblogging, the boss quietly came in when we did not notice.

If you want to quickly close the site you are visiting, you can use Ctrl + W or ALT + F4 to quickly close the current page!

8, quick lock screen

Sometimes when we need to leave the seat to go to the toilet or do other things, for the sake of their computer security, you may want to directly press the Win + L shortcut key to lock the computer screen, do not have to worry about data leakage!

9. permanent deletion

Want to carry out the deletion of some of the relevant files, press Shift + Delete key combination, you can not go through the storage to the trash, but we as a system operator can not restore the deleted files, so the enterprise for the student's own development needs of the file, the use of this shortcut in China need to be careful.

10.Open multiple files at the same time

When working, we need to open multiple files, you will open one key?

We can open multiple folders at once by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard and then double clicking the first and last folder in a row.

11. Quickly name multiple files.

Batch naming folders when we are still one without one can be manually modified? A few aspects can still cope, if hundreds of them?

This is a very laborious thing, so we can press Ctrl + A to select all the files, and then press F2 to rename, the computer system can help us automatically sort!

The above are some simple computer hacks, but they are really useful. Do you all know them?