Is it a broom or a mop? What can a steam mop accomplish?

only can do home life deep

Home cleaning has always been the most difficult challenge in life, but with electric mop cordless electric spin mopthe advancement of science and technology, cleaning tools update, and people experience round after round of times change, although laziness occupy a certain factor, but healthier, more comfortable home experience is the current hot spot.

Is it a broom or a mop? What can a steam mop be used for?

The most primitive method of cleaning is to sweep away the dust with a broom, but the shortcomings are obvious; broom cleaning will raise the ground dust, so that dust scattered in the furniture or air, easy to cause secondary pollution; then people began to use ordinary mop, to overcome the defects of dust, but traditional mop mopping, you need to bend over and scrub repeatedly, but also have to wait for it to dry before stepping on, cleaning a floor is really tense.

Cleaning the floor with a mop

Smart modern people invented vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots to replace the wet mop, but at this stage, these appliances can only sweep and vacuum the surface of the home ground and objects, and cannot remove dried stains on the ground. If you want to deep clean, best electric steam mopyou must also use chemical cleaners, which has several drawbacks: For starters, using chemical cleaners on a regular basis will fade the color of the clean surface. The second issue is the need to repeat cleaning; after using chemical cleaners, cleaning must be repeated two or three times with water to avoid chemical residue. Third, even if it is a direct water wash, the chemical residue of the situation remains, endangering the family's health.

Use a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis.

Is there a scientifically sound and healthy way to clean? According to my understanding, there is now a steam mop product that not only can do home life deep cleaning, but also can do high temperature steam mop, take away the garbage dust at the same time, fast decontamination deep sterilization mite removal, and can provide consumers with a truly sterile environment.

Many customers will undoubtedly have questions about dusting and mopping, as well as whether to use a mop or a broom. This is, in fact, a steam cleaning. steam mop, is a kind of no need to add chemical cleaning aid that can achieve rapid and efficient decontamination, sterilization, mite effect of deep cleaning methods. Unlike traditional cleaning tools, steam cleaning has penetrating power and can actively penetrate into small crevices of the ground to dissolve dirt and oil, while the steam high temperature kills bacteria and mites, allowing the cleaned surface to achieve a super clean state.

Hot steam mop from abroad

This steam mop is currently selling well in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries. However, electric mop vs steam mopmany consumers are surprised that such technology and healthy cleaning products are manufactured in China. Yes, many of the hot steam mops sold in other countries are made by the domestic brand Xiaotian Electric. Little field appliances with leading technology to create steam mop synonymous with "steam clean," adhere to independent R&D, production, products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, more than 30 countries and regions, serving millions of families.

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