How to avoid the bad effects of trans fat food in life?

How to avoid the bad effects of trans fat food in life?

Trans fats are bad, this seems to be a consensus, but many people do not have a deep knowledge of trans fats food, but still eat a lot of food, some times do not realize that eating is trans fats food, and sometimes because of the lack of deep knowledge of the bad effects of trans fats, there is the psychology of luck, think eating and what is wrong. Such knowledge can only be said to be wrong, today we will talk to you about what are the bad effects of trans fats, in real life how to avoid these food aggression.

Trans fats are bad for your health

Trans fat is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, which can produce bad cholesterol, and bad cholesterol will be deposited in the body's organs, especially in the blood vessels, so that the blood vessels become narrow or blocked, in this case, it will cause unpredictable consequences, increasing the chances of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is still a very bad thing.

Stay away from the trans-fat foods in your life

Trans-fat foods are foods that contain trans fatty acids, which are generally found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, and these oils not only keep food longer but also taste better. However, the human body can take in too much trans fatty acids, resulting in excessive cholesterol. Daily life is full of such foods, such as French fries, fried chicken, all kinds of cakes, egg tarts, all kinds of pastry, ice cream, etc. I believe that these foods we have eaten, these foods are in the area of trans fat foods. So in everyday life, previously eaten, we must eat as little as possible in the future, so as to reduce this kind of food on their own aggression.

After understanding the harmful effects of trans fats, we pay more attention to health and hygiene in our daily diet, so we should pay more attention when buying ingredients, especially cooking oil, we should choose trans fatty acid-free, just like Hong Kong people will choose Lion's Ball mark chestnut oil, interested in the quality of this kind of oil, which is beneficial to the human body. There are many vegetables and fruits that can lower cholesterol, so we should pay more attention to the diet of our daily family life to stay away from trans-fat foods, and move towards health together.