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Is your battery losing power? Learn these 6 tricks, no longer have to worry about the car because of the car can not start the f

Is your battery losing power? Learn these 6 tricks, no longer have to worry about the car because of the car can not start the fire

We all know that a car's battery is important for the car, and without enough electricity, the car will struggle to start. But many people don't know when the battery fails,lithium battery cell machine so it causes emergencies but can't get a cab or even miss a big event. So what are the symptoms before a battery gets damaged?

How can you tell for yourself if the battery is dead? Today, Lao Hou will teach you a few simple ways to determine the status of the battery.

Determine the state of the battery a few simple methods

1. At present, the car battery is basically maintenance-free batteries, generally equipped with a battery indicator pro (also known as the charge indicator), which can indicate the battery's power or charging degree.

When the power indicator can show our country green, said the use of battery power is not enough, the battery is intact; when the power indicator shows a black, said the car battery power demand is not enough problems need to charge their own; when the power indicator shows a kind of colorless or light yellow,car battery manufacturers said the battery power has been basically used up, at this time, even if the battery is charged again is also very difficult to get restored, this kind of battery will need to be This battery needs to be replaced.

2. Static measurement of battery voltage. The nominal voltage of the car battery is 12V, but the actual voltage is higher. In the case of no engine start, using a multimeter to measure the positive and negative voltage should be between 12.5 ~ 12.8 V. If the measured voltage is lower than 11.5 V, the battery voltage will be lower.

If the measured voltage is lower than 11.5 V, the battery is low. It is difficult to start the engine at this time and the battery needs to be charged. If the measured voltage is lower than 10.9V, the battery is basically exhausted. At this time the battery is not enough to start the car. If the service life is too long, direct replacement.

3. Dynamic measurement of battery voltage.battery coating Connect the red and black pins of the multimeter to the positive and negative terminals of the battery, then start the engine and observe the reading of the multimeter. If the voltage is lower than 9V, it means the battery is insufficient or can't store power, usually such batteries need to be replaced.

4. If we don't have the conditions to measure the battery voltage, we can also observe the performance of the instrument light when starting to roughly determine the state of the battery. If the engine rotation is slow, start the engine when the instrument light flickers on and off, indicating that the battery power is insufficient, need to charge or replace.

There is also a development is every time to start the engine after the clock way will be zero, a key to raise the window function analysis failure, etc., this learning situation is due to the battery power is insufficient, the engine starts the battery voltage quality drops too much, resulting in our car through the computer restart caused by the equivalent of every time we start the power is cut off once in China, such a battery needs to be replaced as well.

5. Battery charging, the voltage rises quickly, but the electrolyte density rises slowly, the battery temperature also rises quickly, this battery sulfurization is serious, generally no repair value, direct replacement.

6. The normal service life of the battery is 3-5 years. If the service life of more than five years, occasionally there will be no fire. At this time the first suspected point of failure should be the battery.

Such batteries can be used in the summer when the temperature is high, but in the winter when the temperature is low, the battery capacity drops and it is difficult to use. It is recommended to replace such batteries.

The main factors that lead to early damage to car batteries are low temperatures and over-discharge. In low temperature, the capacity of the battery decreases rapidly and it is hard to return to normal value after over-discharge.

So we need to be more in the winter by carefully designed to use the battery, each start the engine working time can not be more than 5 seconds, the interval between two starts must be not less than 30 seconds, three consecutive times can not be started in time to identify the fault before starting, do not stop long as well as the time to listen to music or use a cell phone charger and so on.

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