PDF add watermark to prevent document theft in two ways!

PDF add watermark to prevent document theft in two ways!

PDF add watermark to prevent document theft in two ways!

We use PDF more and more in our daily work, convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobatso how can we protect our PDF files from being stolen and let others know at a glance that you are the original PDF? The easiest way is to watermark PDF with one click, so how to watermark PDF? Today, Bian Xiao introduces two kinds of PDF watermarking operations here, hoping to help everyone's work.

First, add a watermark using the Jinzhou District PDF editor

For PDF editor believe through everyone is no stranger. Editing PDF documents, merge png to pdf ilovepdfwe China‘s first thought is PDF editor, not only can be convenient to operate, but also very practical, I believe that many small partners in our country‘s computer students will certainly have as a PDF editor. The use of PDF editor to add a watermark, is also a very simple oh, the following need us to look at the problem of specific research how to deal with the operation.

open the PDF editor and Select open-Browsto to open the PDF document we want to modify.

select Page Organization-Watermark-Add in the toolbar.

set the parameters of the watermark, merge two pdf pages into one page macsuch as: watermark type, you can choose text or image, appearance, layout and page range.

After setting the watermark parameters, we can preview it on the right and click OK.

Finally, we can choose to save the file system.


The second method is to add watermark using Lightning PDF virtual printer.

Perhaps not many friends contact PDF Virtual printer, some friends do not know PDF Virtual printer even add watermark function, did not expect, we usually think of PDF Virtual printer as printing documents to PDF format, but there are many hidden features of PDF Virtual printer.

open the PDF virtual printer and select "Settings" in the upper right corner, as shown below:

after entering the settings, select modify-watermark.

Here, we can input the information content of the data watermark (both in Chinese and English), or set different colors and fonts for the watermark. Remember to click Save.

after setting the watermark, go back to the home page and select a PDF file here to add.

Then, on the pop-up page, select the configuration you just set. You can customize and modify the file name and export path.

click export.

The above are two ways to add PDF watermark to Edge. I don't know which one you prefer. Is it easy to watermark PDF? I hope this will help your work.