Word styles can actually be used in this way!

the preservation of styles

Good use of text styles can improve typographic efficiency. This issue and you share the style of saving and deleting.

First, the preservation of styles

The first: save the template

Click the file saved as a mode of choice for the template format,online pdf conversion free and then the style will be automatically saved in the template location, and then when you want to use, click File-new-person, open the corresponding document, and finally delete the text can be.

The second type: save the style set

If you want to save the style set, you need to borrow the style set function to achieve, the style set needs to be added to the customization ribbon.convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online The specific operation is as follows.

Add a different style set can be set up after the style can be directly by clicking on the style set command, and then save as a new style set.

Then you can simply open a new document, click the style set - customize it, the document style will be displayed in style format, and then set the style as needed.

Second, the deletion of styles

The first: transient deletion

Click Start - Style - select the style, click the right mouse button and select Delete from Style Library.

PS: This deletion method is only effective in the current document, if you re-open the document,convert word to pdf without losing formatting the previous style library still exists in the style.

The second type: permanent deletion

If you want to permanently delete a style, you need to delete it in the template. How to do it?

The first step: Click File - Options - Advanced - in the General, click the file for the location, then we choose a different user to use the template, click can be modified, after which by Copy storage technology path, close the interface can be.

Step 2: Open My Computer, paste the path I just copied, then find Normal. Right click and select Open, then find the style you want to delete in the appropriate interface, right click and select Delete from Style Library, then press Ctrl + S to save, and then create a new document can not find the appropriate style.