Foot massage myths revealed: scientific methods to enjoy the health of the soles of the feet care


Foot massage has been favored by many people, because there are many acupoints on the soles of the feet, appropriate massage can promote blood circulation throughout the body, to assist in the treatment of disease. However, there are some common misconceptions about foot massage.

First, some people think that the heavier the foot massage, the better. However, a proper foot massage can prolong life and benefit your health. The intensity of a foot massage determines its effectiveness; if the force is too small, it is ineffective, and too much force is intolerable.hong kong nuru massage Therefore, it is important to maintain good strength during a foot massage.

Secondly, foot massage is not suitable for everyone. Podiatry is a kind of non-pharmacological therapy, through the stimulation of foot acupoints, regulating the body's physiological functions, promoting blood circulation throughout the body and improving immune function. But not everyone is suitable for pedicure. For example, women can not repair feet during menstruation; bleeding tendency of people in the massage of the soles of the feet will accelerate the bleeding in the tissues, so you need to avoid the subcutaneous tissue less, bone protruding place, to prevent the periosteum is squeezed, the body to cause unnecessary harm. In addition, high blood pressure, pregnant women, heart disease patients can not be pedicured, otherwise accidents may occur, and even lead to miscarriage in pregnant women.

In addition, some people think that we can do foot massage by ourselves at home. In order to be able to be convenient and hygienic, they do not choose to do pedicure at home or use footbath for research massage. However, the soles of the feet have many acupoints, and only by applying the appropriate strength development to the corresponding reflex zones can we really achieve a certain effect of the business. If students want to carry out foot therapy for health at home situation, you can buy as a barrel according to the choice of needs and soak your feet before going to bed. Try to choose a wooden barrel with a large and deep impact of the floor area, so that the calves are all immersed in the water, which will be more secure and comfortable. Must adhere to the foot soak every day can get to improve the metabolism and blood system circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve the quality of the patient's sleep environment, but also has the effect of blood circulation and health and beauty.

So, what is the method of foot massage?

1. Finger sliding pressure method: the whole hand into a fist, so that the index finger out to the wrist for the pressure point, driving the joints around the slide. In order to avoid finger injuries, the joints should be well bent, using the apex of the joints to send force, both to save energy and to achieve the effect of depth. It is especially suitable for the reflex zones of the whole sole of the foot or a certain part of the foot to strengthen the stimulation of the massage.

2. Pelvic Pressure Method: Use the thumb's pelvic push to pressurize the reflex zones in the foot. This method is suitable for mild stimulation procedures and effectively stimulates the various foot reflexors. It is important to avoid re-pushing during the procedure to avoid over-stimulating the peripheral nerves and damaging the optic nerve.

3. Lateral Finger Pressure Method:The lateral side of the finger applies pressure to specific reflex zones on the sole of the foot like a clamp. hk erotic massage You can use the index finger, thumb, middle finger finger finger position pressure on the reflex zones on the soles of the feet or toes, fixed-point massage. Stimulating the reflex zones on the soles of the feet and then massaging them can relieve pain.

4. Knocking method: In the massage may we have pain, so that the tendons of the foot in a tight security state. You can achieve relaxation of the feet by using the way method of buckling and beating. After clenching the fist using the little finger side of the hand to knock, pay attention to the protection of the strength to be appropriate to the effect of vibration as well as to reduce the patient's pain after the massage, so that the foot to get an effective soothing.

5. Traction: Some people are very afraid of pain, which can lead to vasoconstriction and tightening of muscles, ligaments and joints. Tension can be removed by traction, which relaxes the muscles. Stretching each toe with the index finger and thumb or rotating the ball of the foot relieves tension in the soles of the feet, reduces stiffness of ligaments and joints, improves joint and muscle function, and promotes blood circulation throughout the body.

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