You have to know this! What's not lame about a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner?

construction dust

1, cement, gypsum powder and other construction dust

Cement, gypsum powder,Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Company wall powder and other tiny business construction materials between particles can best not be carried out to use the vacuum cleaner to suck, otherwise it is easy to appear to cause vacuum cleaner filter or through the filter element of the clogging, resulting in a motor burned out and other failures, but a small amount of fine dust, or we can use a vacuum cleaner clean up.

2. Sharp objects, such as nails and glass

Cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are still an expensive, consumable and perishable item. Therefore, nails, glass, etc. can cause irreversible damage to floor brushes, cartridges, air ducts, etc. , so it is best not to inhale sharp objects.

3. Large particle objects

Large particles can be easily swept away with a broom, there is no need to use a vacuum cleaner. If it is round particles like beans, green beans,handheld wireless vacuum cleaner red beans, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

4, water, milk and other liquids

There are two types of household vacuum cleaners currently on the market:Dry vacuum cleaners can not absorb water, only some dry dust, debris and other garbage.wireless vacuum cleaner supplier If you suck water, it is easy to cause the motor to short-circuit and damage the vacuum cleaner. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners have the function of absorbing water, which can absorb water stains, sewage, etc. , which can be used with confidence. But the mainstream wireless handheld vacuum cleaners that most people can see on the market are basically dry vacuum cleaners, and many of them have built-in motors, so it is not recommended that you suck water, milk and other liquids.