What are the factors affecting primary school academic performance?

What are the factors affecting primary school academic performance?

1. Strong interest in learning. Whether you are interested in knowing what you are learning is an important factor that affects students' academic performance. Students have a strong interest in learning, a strong desire for knowledge, and will learn consciously.

2. Good level of intellectual development, including strong perception, sustained concentration, comprehensive thinking ability, etc.

Three, a good family education environment. Family harmony, family democracy and harmony, parents pay more attention to their children's learning.

Four, students have good study habits. Including previewing, listening carefully, taking notes, completing homework independently, reviewing and consolidating habits, etc.

5. Strive to create a positive campus environment, including a clean and beautiful educational environment, advanced educational concepts, good professional qualities and solid professional knowledge.

What parents need to do in their children’s primary school stage is:

1. Cultivate children's reading ability.

This is the basic ability to accompany the child throughout his life and allow him to develop continuously.

Two, practice calligraphy.

This is self-evident, the word is a facade, and writing test papers should continue for many years in the future. Regardless of the test subject, the teacher looks at the font first, and the first impression determines the score difference is 3-5 points. In addition, machine scanning and scoring are basically used in the future, so pay more attention ive civil engineering.

Easy elementary school studies are a good time to practice calligraphy, and it is also the best time to cultivate writing habits.

Three, learn a second language.

The golden age of language learning is before the age of 12. If you miss the golden age of age, learning later will be very difficult.

Fourth, discover to cultivate children's interest in subjects.

Lead children to participate in various courses, music, art, science, mathematics, dance... Observe the children's points of interest and focus on cultivating interest. Interest is a catalyst for future achievements.

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