Facing the Future of Business College as a Freshman to Make Multiple Transitions

knowledge to practice

At present, colleges and universities all over the world are opening classes and a group of young faces are entering the campus. Here they will face a brand-new knowledge system, a brand-new living environment, and a brand-new wonderful world.

Brand new also means change. Therefore, freshmen should recognize the current development trend, grasp the future development direction, and make all kinds of responses and changes in advance.

From knowledge to practice

College freshmen should shift from mere knowledge to practice. In high school, students have been involved in many courses that are like an open door that needs to be opened slowly, and behind this door is a larger and deeper knowledge that we will be exposed to in the future. Unlike the high school learning process, which emphasizes the accumulation, memorization, and application of knowledge in order to improve and hone test-taking skills, college students must first recognize that they are more than just "containers of knowledge". The essence of college learning is not simply the process of accumulating knowledge, but reflecting on problems through learning knowledge and improving our ability to identify and solve problems in our professional fields. In the rapidly developing and changing modern society, the speed of knowledge updating is getting faster and faster. In the process of learning knowledge in the university, there is an obvious phenomenon of half-life of knowledge due to changes in the field of practice. This requires college students not only to read 10,000 theoretical books, but also to know and be good at verifying and reflecting in practice, so as to go on 10,000 miles, put the attitude of the future professional learning into practice, and serve the economic and social development.

Of course, the development of practical teaching ability is also an important yardstick to measure the socialist responsibility of the young generation and the ability to serve the social economy. College student consumer groups can simultaneously realize the transformation from knowledge learning to hands-on practice by participating in practical research activities in social life, taking up on- and off-campus jobs, taking part in professional internships and apprenticeships, as well as traditional cultural heritage and innovation activities.

From passive to active

College freshmen should change from passive learning to active participation in the learning mode. The stage of university education is a critical period in which the concerted efforts of teachers and students can cultivate and improve students' ability to live through learning. As the saying goes, to teach is to not teach, to learn is to be able to learn. However, many problems students information often can not adapt to the high school stage of indoctrination teaching, more likely to accept let the teacher delineate the key points, rote memorization of learning activities. But we need to pay attention to is that this means that Chinese students in the process of independent learning to get are stuck in the memorization, understanding and application of low-order thinking stage, it is difficult to switch to focus on environmental analysis, creativity and evaluation of higher-order thinking. However, contemporary young college students only have the ability of higher-order thinking, in order to realize the real efficient mastery of in-depth knowledge, and then serve the innovative spirit of China's market economy and socialist development needs.

University education needs to stimulate the learning enthusiasm of college students, so that students realize the important function of active learning, from pre-secondary actively promote students "I want to learn", reversing the "I want to learn" passive conscious state. Unlike the traditional roles of listening and reading, university students should actively explore issues, such as group discussions, cooperative learning and other methods, in order to participate in a wider range of learning activities. It can be clearly pointed out that active learning is more effective than passive learning, and that the awareness of individual experience, motivation and learning effectiveness of university learning will be significantly improved.

From Closed to Diverse

University freshmen should change from closed learning to diversified learning. University is a place to learn and disseminate advanced knowledge, and it is a very open and highly liberalized field of study. However, most freshmen still follow the traditional closed and individualized one-line combat learning mode in high school, making it difficult to effectively utilize the rich school and social resources. Currently, the teaching mode of higher education is constantly transforming, and the learning mode advocated by college students should be transformed into a diversified mode of project-based, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning.

Therefore, in order to adapt to the university learning environment, college students need to understand the organic process of knowledge possession and quality enhancement, experience independent research through thematic studies, and the learning process in different environments. Especially in the age of artificial intelligence, new forms of education have gradually changed the way students learn, and "reading" has become different in universities.Red dot design award Freshmen should change and adapt to the new reality as soon as possible, so that they can leave the single mode of learning and experience the diversity of university learning.

From Submissive to Dominant

Freshman year is about shifting from a submissive life to a dominant one. College is the place where dreams are carried and realized. In high school, students are busy with full schedules and heavy study tasks every day, and have no time to think about the future, and it is inevitable that they will feel confused and at a loss when they first enter college.Under such a reality, college students urgently need to change the way they plan their lives, to step out of the submissive, dependent life of the past, and to examine what they really want, what they want to achieve, and what they need to do. This is a serious life proposition and a serious life challenge. Objectively speaking, this is also a necessary path for college students to go from ignorant teenagers to mature and rational individuals.

Of course, the university also for young people we college students can analyze the self-development planning enterprise to create unlimited possibilities, such as multidisciplinary competition activities, innovation and entrepreneurship education and teaching forms, professional internship training, etc., are a student can find themselves, planning for self important information platform and channels.Students should fully develop and utilize the various social resources provided by school learning, think in practice, discover their own true ideas in exploration, and then do a good job of academic and career future planning.

From Vocational Education to Overall Success

Freshmen should shift from limited professional education to overall success.The fundamental task of education is to educate people.The ultimate goal of college academics is not to stop at professional education alone, but to develop students into well-rounded individuals. It is true that college majors are a reasonable diversion after high school, reflecting students' personal wishes and choices, and professional learning also occupies a very important position in college life.However, the ultimate goal of professional education is not to confine a person to a relatively narrow field, but to familiarize college students with justice, cultivate rationality, nourish their souls, and perfect their personalities, so that they can learn to think, dare to question, and innovate in their professional studies, and thus better shoulder the responsibilities of the future society.At present, interdisciplinary, inter-disciplinary integration and problem solving have become a major trend, and all-round talents are more in line with the needs of society and development. Therefore, college students must change the stereotypical thinking that focuses only on professional learning, rely on professional education to shape their professional ability, professional identity and professional emotions, gradually establish a scientific worldview, outlook on life and values, cultivate the ability to acquire knowledge in a comprehensive manner, and improve their literacy awareness and ability to become successful.

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