Bank of Americas global stock market rebound will peak in May or June


The U.S. stock market began to rebound in late March, with the Dow Jones index rising above 24,000 points. However, the latest research report released by the Bank of America pointed out that from the flow of investment funds, it is expected that the stock market and other types of assets will tend to be flat in the next few weeks.

The bank's analysts pointed out that as countries continue to introduce stimulus policies in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the stock market rose, but the stock market rally is expected to peak in May or June.

Bank of America data also shows that in the past week, investors converted 91.5 billion yuan (US dollars and the same below) into cash, 10.6 billion yuan in bonds, 800 million yuan in gold, and 6.7 billion yuan in equities-based withdrawals fund.

Bank of America also pointed out that bond funds in emerging markets recorded 1.5 billion yuan outflows, while 3.4 billion yuan was withdrawn from stock funds.

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