How many times does an ordinary couple have a month?


The more sex, the happier you are?

Many male students like to be able to judge whether they are good Inflatable doll(吹氣娃娃) or not by the life of their husbands and wives. They are heroes in terms of frequency. We even think that the more the couple, the happier the couple. Is this true?

In response to the development of China, American scholars have summarized a formula based on the influence of different ages on the life and learning abilities of couples:

Frequency = the first number of age development × 9

This calculation formula means that the first digit of age development is used to multiply the number by 9, and the tens digit of the result of the data indicates the learning time, and the single digit cannot indicate the number of times of use. For example, the frequency analysis result for the 20-year-old is 18, which means eight times in ten days; the frequency research result for the 30-year-old is 27, which means seven times in 20 days; the frequency survey result for the 40-year-old is 36, which means within 30 days. Six passes, and so on.

But please note that this formula is for reference only. Whether it is appropriate depends on the feelings of both parties.

The real sense of happiness comes from the true emotions and needs of both parties, and the deliberate pursuit of the number of times is not worth the gain.

2. "Cold Knowledge" of Personality Development and Life

Cold knowledge 1: Want to lose weight through sex?

There are reports on the Internet that couples living together is a calorie-consuming exercise, and the effect is no different from jogging for three kilometers. But in fact, the energy consumed by couples in daily life is only about 550 calories. It is impossible for us to achieve the effect of weight loss. You should know that blindly increasing the frequency of work may affect other social problems.

Cold knowledge 2: Afterwards, there is no cigarette, happy like a fairy?

Many Chinese men are accustomed to smoking after the event, and even say that "a cigarette after the event is happy like a fairy". In fact, this is a mistake for us. Afterwards, the blood flow rate of men can be accelerated, and the harmful chemicals in tobacco will be absorbed more quickly, especially nicotine, which is very easy to produce and stimulate the brain center of students, so that the smooth muscles of the cavernous body contract rapidly, and eventually develop and affect normal use functions.

Must bleed the first time?

Many people think that women will bleed for the first time. In fact, whether feminism needs to bleed for the first time is related to the hymen, but every Chinese woman does not have the same size, shape, and number of holes in the hymen. Many people do not necessarily bleed even for the first time. It is inevitable. In general.

Cold knowledge 4: Can sex after drinking?

There are often dramas of "chaos after drinking" in TV dramas, but this is all fiction.

When drunk, people's consciousness is relatively misty, blood vessels expand, smooth muscle activity relaxes, even the little brother is "paralyzed". May I ask, how do we chaos in this development situation? So, don't believe in your drunkenness anymore, this is just an excuse for work.

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