Although takeaway is convenient for many of us, it also has pros and cons


In modern times, many people are busy with management work and don’t have time to cook by themselves. From this, through various take-out service platforms, errand platform was born, which helped many of us to solve many difficulties in student life. However, the benefits will be There are drawbacks. While solving the social problems of learning, many problems have emerged, such as the health and safety problems that broke out before, and the analysis of problems Takeaway Offer(網購優惠) by personnel.

First, let's talk about hygiene.

As we all know, food is prone to spoilage and moldy when placed in bare air for a long time. In addition, there are various bacteria, dust, etc. in the air that are invisible to the naked eye. Over time, the food product itself will be resolved. These research bacteria can be infected, causing companies to lose their student nutrition. Become problematic food.

Perhaps it is not a big problem to eat yourself once in a while, but we always have certain hidden dangers. With long-term development, all kinds of bacteria enter your body, which can cause various diseases of students.

There used to be food poisoning patients who died of food poisoning from eating takeaways, eating cockroaches, teeth, hair, maggots, etc. Such problems occurred frequently during takeaway safety incidents, and countless. Mild cases may cause abdominal pain and vomiting. In severe cases, it even led to food poisoning deaths in China.

But even if there are not so many cases, some of us will still eat takeaway every day. At present, the pressure of social work in our country is one aspect. There is also the fact that many young Chinese do not know how to cook. As a result, companies can only eat takeaway every day.

In addition to this impact, we also have a lot of hidden dangers during the delivery. As reported by the news media, the food delivery boy spit in the customer’s food, adding some so-called "ingredients" and other problems are countless. Therefore, it is impossible for companies to do a good job in a timely manner depending on the business alone.

The research on personnel management is a hidden danger

Excluding the food after packaging itself, what about before packaging China?

Some chefs go to the toilet without washing their hands and go straight to the kitchen to cook. How many bacteria are brought into the food. In addition, if they step on the food, the food will be picked up and put in, and the hands that have touched various things will continue. Going to get food and so on abounds, and problems like this happen in the back kitchen that we can't see.

Moreover, there are a lot of black-hearted merchants in this era. Some students have kept meat for more than a year, and they can be used as takeaways. It is because the price of meat is cheap in these countries. When buying food, they often buy what is cheaper, as long as they can make money. Anyway, it's not me.

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