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Successful businesses know that the products they offer must be appealing. Clients rely on this as well, so successful businesses provide endless options to create customized products that help set their stage for ultimate success. Successful business owners know how important it is to find quality products that match their customers' needs.

Many of the top gadgets from this year’s holiday gift guide are related to cabinetry and related accessories. Seven products in the top 20 are for countertops, hardware and cabinet configuration and organization.

Whether it is cabinetry, lighting or appliances, there are many other products designers have been asking about this year. To find out what else makes the 2021 Most-Asked-About Product list, delve into the following pages and visit

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Greenway Homes has found a new design in the home decor market, which is why Showplace Cabinetry team head Lisa Myers says that layout changes have to be made more often than one would assume.

The Showplace Cabinetry Shaker door styles have been popular for many years, and the showcased slimmer version gives a modern spin to the shaker family with its timeless look and feel.

“The Showplace Duet Slim Shaker option is an appealing design that features simple clean lines, adapting to any style easily. The door can be painted with any of our colors, each helping to distinguish the overall look of the product and displaying a defining ‘character’ within the simplicity of its design,” said Myers.

The simple Duet cabinetry style is available in the overlay, inset and frameless lines that deliver a modern feeling to any living space.

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As more and more tech gadgets and appliances are released into the market, kitchen drawers are becoming cluttered by cords. Docking Drawer has created new products that are designed to hide cable clutter, making kitchens easier to use.

With the Style Drawer Appliance Garage, you can power and access small appliances--even while they're plugged in--safely. The outlet cutout is already prepared on the back of the drawer-pullout for easy installation of the Style Drawer Blade or Blade Duo powering outlet, which comes with its own outlet.

Furniture outlets that offer the ability to keep blenders, coffee makers, and other small appliances connected and out of sight are now common.

These in-drawer outlets are easy to install and attractive, as they are commonly found throughout the home. They are also useful in the kitchen, which is often where people spend time gathering.

3. Integrated Paper Towel Holder

Now, more than ever, cleanliness is of utmost importance, according to Angela O'Neill, the director of marketing for Wellborn Cabinet. The company's subsidiary, Rebekah Illuminated Cabinets, released its newest line of illuminated furniture—the Simply Comfortable Collection.

In response, the company offers its You Draw It paper towel holder. Integrated into a modern upper wall cabinetry that is popular with homeowners, paper towels are kept away from countertops and below the surface of the cabinetry.

This design maximizes the utility of the cabinet by protecting paper goods without removing storage capacity, and it doesn't create a risk for bacteria or contaminants. The towels are enclosed inside the cabinet which prevents them from becoming contaminated with bacteria, dust, or other elements. With this system, consumers are able to keep their kitchen as clean and safe as possible.

Wellborn Cabinet makes products in America with a focus on durability and quality. Their paper towel holder and cabinet have options for medium-term use, but also available with durability for long-term usage. There are over two hundred varieties of finish and material to choose from.

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Designers and homeowners have seen the benefit of designing cabinets with style, function and purpose in mind. Steel, wood and aluminum are all popular because they are easy to maintain and last a lifetime.

For example, Pierce says, "The Omega Cabinetry collection is not only beautiful but is designed to meet the need of more storage, multi-purpose functionality and better organization -- ideal for an easy living. The contemporary design incorporates cleaner lines and subtle color as well."

With a wide range of cabinet doors, wood type, finish and color options, the Omega collection provides a perfect fit for any taste cabinet accessories.

Copymatic recently added three stunning door styles – Jax, Kali, and Kadey – with minimalist profiles to their line of doors. The modern mixes with modern in the design of the Jax door style, where slab and shaker styling merge beautifully on a sleek slim-line shaker profile. The designs of the Kali and Kadey epitomize classic but modern feel with shallow center panels.

Shiplap, a style of textured shiplap board ceiling, is a design element that will add some unique characteristics to the kitchen while providing an interesting contrast. The Shiplap design provides designers with the opportunity to add interesting textures and designs to the plain shaker-style kitchen.

AMS offers chimney and box styles of Shiplap range hoods, which are designed to work with the Ascension line of kitchen ventilation products. They're available in hardwood or weathered wood, and each is unique due to their built-in designs.

So far, the 3-inch Chimney style is the most popular range hood, Larson explains. This type of style needs extra space between wall cabinets because it has a heavier profile while still looking modern. So if you're remodeling and don't have enough space between your wall cabinets, it's better to choose the Box style range ovens.

"We noticed a trend of Shiplap style range hoods as people were creating distinctive and attractive kitchen designs," Richard says. "Our company intends to continue this trend by offering other components with this design."


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