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Scholarship is a dazzling word. When seeking one, you are already promoting your strengths as a resource for the future. When finding scholarships, it allows people to find a way to be appreciated through their ambitions.

These scholarships offer the latest in Study Abroad services; a personalized approach to studying abroad.

Fulbright scholarships (US)

This program is for international citizens who hold a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree. The U.S. government pays the entire tuition and living expenses from the scholarship.

More than 155 countries are brought together on Fullbright's programs. It provides opportunities for mutual understanding and to reduce cultural gaps.

The 2nd Chance Scholarship

This is one of the best opportunities in the UK. It's available to students and professionals, as well as people from developing or developed countries. It provides help with Ph.D.-level studies, Masters courses, and more.

STEM Women's Scholarship

STEM scholarships are specific programs that give women scholarships in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math education. If you want to study further in these subjects, STEM is for you. Go for it!

Apply today for the next call of Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships

When a place is willing to facilitate everything for you, you'll be able to engage and develop. Believe in yourself and start working hard, there are many opportunities out there!

AES provides scholarships to international students for them to pursue their studies in countries that may not have resources for the same.

1. Business administration

2. Considerations for the global learner

3. Putting in the Right Hours

4.Engineering: video, blog

5. Environmental sciences

6. How to use AI to write blog posts


8. Mathematics and Computer Sciences

9.A look at medical and health sciences

10. Natural sciences and Social and behavioral sciences

The team behind the blog discusses the need for transport and communication

Why The 2018 Commission's Mandate Is Important For Singapo

PSC is looking for more than just excellence when it comes to the scholarship applicants. They seek those who have leadership skills and are good members of their community. They also want people who have original thoughts and ideas.

Information regarding the 6 Turkish Government Scholarships

Don't be fooled! There are fully funded scholarships everywhere.

Every year, the Turkish government awards 4,000 international students to study in Turkey. Just keep your eyes open and you will find your place.

ABSA Bursary Programme

ABSA colleges offer fully funded scholarships for Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a wide variety of Banking-related fields. For example, some of the areas include Business mathematics, Financial Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Process Engineering.

There are a variety of funded scholarships available. One such scholarship is the ABSA Bursary which is a full-time, fully funded scholarship. This enables students to pursue their career upon qualifying by giving them financial security while they're in school.

'I would love to visit Japan as an ADB-Japan scholarship program'

With higher education in Japan, you're really on a different planet. You go to college to experience something totally different than attending a university elsewhere. Apply for scholarships through ADB Japan, if you are interested.

It aims to provide opportunities for well-qualified citizens of developing countries to have post-graduate studies in science, management, technology, environment, agriculture and health.

9 Ways to get one of the Rosztoczy Foundation master scholarship

The Rosztoczy Foundation scholarship provides free tuition for Hungarian students who come to the US and it is available exclusively for bright young students, who are going to be scientists.

Learn how this scholarship will help you

10. New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships

If you want to change careers, hope is not lost. In New Zealand Regional Development, for example, you can apply to any field of your interest, even if you don't have the relevant qualifications and experience -- just complete two years of training specific to that subject area.

What is your subject area? All expenses are covered.

It is the middle of July, don't forget to apply for any 2016 programs you may be interested in in the next few weeks.


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A 3.0 GPA is sufficient for scholarships.

While some scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of a student's GPA, this is not the case for the majority of them. Instead, scholarship providers include grade point averages as a requirement for eligibility. (The specifics might include, for instance, "Students must have a 3.0 GPA or above to apply.")

Can I earn an Oxford full scholarship?

For applicants applying to any full-time graduate course in the Faculty of History within the range allowed by University College, one full scholarship is available. Please review the relevant Course page to see if the course you want to apply for is one that University College will accept.

Can I receive a master's scholarship in the USA?

For international students who intend to pursue a Master's or PhD degree, the Fulbright Program offers full funding in the United States. The scholarships may also be given for postgraduate studies without a degree. The grant pays for the student's tuition, books, flights, living expenses, and health insurance.

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