Do you really understand the Internet of Things? Don't rush to answer, read this article

Do you really understand the Internet of Things? Don't rush to answer, read this article

At present, the concept of the Internet of Things is in full swing, intelligent control home, qcm6125 smart wearable, sharing economy and so on continue to innovate in various fields, especially in recent years with low power consumption as the driving factor, the value of the Internet of Things has been fully reflected by students.

The Internet of Things (iot) is defined through the use of information sensing devices such as radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, and laser scanners. The laser scanner is a network that connects any object to the Internet for information exchange and communication, so as to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of the object. In short, the Internet of Things is a ubiquitous network built on top of the Internet. The Internet of Things technology is still an important foundation and core of the Internet of Things, through the integration of various wired and wireless networks with the Internet, the information of the Internet of Things will be transmitted in real time and accurately.

According to an authoritative platform forecast, in 2020, the number of things achieved by the Internet of things will be nearly 26 billion, and the global market value will reach 300 billion US dollars. The corresponding equipment will involve smart home, qualcomm qcm6490 medical, industrial, transportation, municipal and other industries, and eventually penetrate into every application scenario closely related to people, which will undoubtedly change people's lifestyle and production mode. In the domestic market, Shengrun Technology is one of the earliest companies involved in the Internet of Things. Established 7 years ago, with technical strength and first-mover advantage has achieved rapid development.

But the ultimate goal of the Internet of Things is the interconnectedness of everything, and the Internet of Things is still in its early stages, far from the interconnectedness of everything, in other words, the Internet of Things is a market with great potential and influence. Therefore, in addition to the need to do more technology reserves and infrastructure, there is also a need to push and work together.

Key technologies for the Internet of Things

1. Sensor technology

This is also a key technology in computer applications. As we all know, the vast majority of computers so far have processed digital signals. For as long as there have been computers, sensors have been needed to convert analog signals into digital signals that computers can process.

2. RFID tags

Also a sensor technology, RFID technology is a combination of radio frequency technology and embedded technology as one of the comprehensive technology, RFID in automatic identification, goods logistics enterprise management has broad application prospects.

3. Embedded system technology

It is a comprehensive technology integrating computer hardware and software, sensor technology, integrated circuit technology and electronic application technology. After decades of development, intelligent embedded system devices have become ubiquitous - from MP3 players to space satellite systems. Embedded systems are changing people's lives and driving the development of industrial production and defense industry.