Sex between men and women too often is not good, there will be 3 kinds of harm

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In real social life, every couple will have sex, sex is also a language expression between the husband and wife relationship to produce emotion. Many couples do not have a very good emotional development,vibrator controlled by phone in the sex life will also affect the more frequent, but due to excessive indulgence is always bad for the body. Couples can have sex a few times a night? What are the dangers of overindulgence? The next thing is to let us come together to understand more about it.

A couple can have sex a few times a night?

In fact, there is no absolute standard for how many times a couple can have sex in one night. With the couple's health, physical strength, age, emotional needs and other factors, because everyone is a different individual,bluetooth controlled sex toys forced to list a standard is not accurate.

Couples can make love a few times a night, mainly seen in the state of the next day after sex, if you feel weak knees, back pain, mental tension, excessive difficulty in whistling, etc., then it indicates that a night of excessive sex.wireless vibrating bullet That is why it is necessary to choose the number of sexual intercourse that best suits you, taking into account your physical condition. However, in most cases, it is better for young people not to have sex more than twice a night. Older people should not have sex late, but once a week, which is not harmful to the body.

What are the dangers of overindulging in sex for couples?

1. Affect the normal life of the next day

Because sex, after all, is also a kind of physical activity, if it is carried out many times in one night, it is also a considerable test of physical exertion. The next day will feel a lot of physical discomfort and mental depression, such a state is not suitable for work and study, will make a person frequently wrong state.

2. Impact on sexual function

For men, excessive sex life is very easy to affect sexual function. Because I am always in a state of sexual impulse, there will be problems with the control nerve center and sexual organs. Over time, erection will be difficult, impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions are inevitable.

3. Affect the reproductive health of both husband and wife

For men, long-term sex is easy to affect the genital health, such as damage to the function of the prostate, easy to get prostatitis and other prostate diseases. If women often have too much sex, and sex without moderation, it is very easy to breed bacteria, the formation of a series of gynecological diseases.

Sex life is best, but not because of excessive, overdevelopment will not only affect a person's physical and mental health, but also produce impact on normal work and study life. Moderate and regular sex life can not only be able to make the couple's emotional problems more intimate, but also will have a good health care and health effects.