Sweeping robot, vacuum cleaner, scrubber, how in the end to choose?

Sweeping robot, vacuum cleaner, scrubber, how in the end to choose?

Cleaner of carpets

Vacuum cleaners, which are machines that suck up dust and debris by negative air pressure generated by an electric motor, can be split into vertical, horizontal and portable according to their structure. It is typically used to suck away dust and trash as well as huge bits of garbage, and is generally equipped with several different sizes of suction heads, and is used in a wide range of scenarios, for example, in cleaning the ground, blankets, curtains, sofas, mattresses, dust or hair, etc. There is a place for vacuum cleaners.

It is commonly split into wired (plug-in models) and wireless (rechargeable versions), generally speaking, wireless is better than wired, wireless vacuum cleaners are more convenient to operate and have a wider variety of activities. The advantages of vacuum cleaners are also obvious, the suction power of household vacuum cleaners are generally in the range of 1kpa to 20kpa, higher can reach close to 30kpa, suction power is greater compared to sweeping robots and scrubbers, can effectively remove the accumulated ash, grains, debris and other garbage, the main thing is a variety of suction head flexible switching, not limited to the ground cleaning, giving vacuum cleaners greater value for use. The vacuum cleaner also has its downsides. The vacuum cleaner mainly eliminates dry waste, moist garbage tends to jam the pipes and filters and cannot remove tenacious stains, and the cleaning process requires manual management, which is time-consuming and tedious. Certain general quality vacuum cleaners with limited dust filtration performance are prone to secondary air pollution.

Floor scrubbers

Scrubbers (meaning house scrubbers), like vacuum cleaners, are handheld cleaners that can handle both wet and dry trash.

Compared to sweeping robots, scrubbers generally have stronger suction power and are more powerful in managing wet waste. Because the scrubber job needs to be handheld, so it is more flexible, where to clean, how many times to clean, if clean can be human intervention, efficiency will be relatively greater. Compared to vacuum cleaners, scrubbers are more limited in their cleaning settings, but are better at cleaning the types of waste. Of course, the downsides of the scrubber is also there, such as the body comes with a sewage tank, somewhat large, and need to be handed, each time the cleaning needs to be disassembled after washing and drying, or easy to stink. It is recommended that you choose the product with traction when you buy it, it will save a lot of effort, otherwise it will be a bit of a disadvantage to carry out broad area cleaning, more effort.

Cleaning robot

The major characteristic of sweepingcommercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner robots compared to vacuum cleaners and scrubbers is that they do not need to be handed, freeing up your hands, which makes sweeping robots fast become popular in the market. The high-end sweeping robots on the market can basically achieve sweeping and dragging integration, independent obstacle avoidance, independent planning cleaning path, app intelligent interconnection and other functions, more high-end also equipped with automatic water up and down, automatic washing and drying mop, dirty identification and other functions.

The primary advantage of the sweeping robot is intelligent control, free your hands. Sweeping robot basically realize cell phone interconnection, through the body of a key operation or through the cell phone intelligent control, not subject to time and space restrictions, the body is relatively small, you can freely shuttle in the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa and other difficult to clean places, but also do not need human intervention, save time and effort, can meet the whole house cleaning a large area, the dirt and dust, kitchen grease, hair particles and other garbage better clean up, but also to achieve Customized cleaning, helping users to free themselves from the tedious task of cleaning. Nevertheless, compared to vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, sweeping robots usually have a smaller suction force, mainly in the range of 1kpa to 6kpa, for the cleaning of solid wet debris, or need to rely on human cleanup. In addition, the degree of intelligence of the sweeping robot needs to be developed, for the fulfillment of complicated home environment of intelligent cleaning there is still a certain distance.

Compared to the aforementioned three kinds of products, each has its own strengths. Comprehensive vacuum cleaner is the most flexible, the most abundant cleaning scene, but in the ground cleaning of cleanable garbage types, stubborn stains wsetand not easy to clean the corners of the bed bottom, etc., it is difficult to meet the needs of users, can be used as the core auxiliary single product for home cleaning. The floor scrubber and sweeping robot are both for ground cleaning, and can be selected for individual home conditions and personal requirements. The scrubber is more advantageous in wet trash cleaning, and the sweeping robot has the most say in freeing up your hands. If someone is always at home to clean and have criteria for the degree of cleanliness, you can pick the scrubber, regardless of wet and dry rubbish can be cleaned up. If you are a busy worker, mom and other busy and want to save effort, as well as no time or do not want to waste time on cleaning domestic duties of young people, you can choose intelligent sweeping robot. The risk of stains becoming stubborn is significantly reduced when you let the robot sweep the floor every day, and the suction force of the sweeping robot is absolutely adequate to deal with daily dust stains. Hence, from the point of view of the usage of situations and needs, consumers may choose vacuum cleaners + scrubber / sweeping robot combo, fundamentally can cope with the challenges encountered in everyday cleaning. There are a variety of items on the market, and the price range is also extremely vast, if you want to start, you can first define their budget range, and then select. Try to choose a trustworthy brand, product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. For example, we all know the United States, the national brand, good quality, after-sales service policy at the forefront of the industry, the price is also a range that we can accept, whether it is a vacuum cleaner, scrubber, or sweeping robot, the United States have been involved, the optional style is also more. It is understood that the United States launched the scrubber has part of the configuration of 170 ° lying flat technology, zero margin edge sweeping, if you choose the scrubber, you can choose with the above configuration, can solve the sofa bed bottom and other "invisible" accumulation of dust and hair; sweeping robot, the United States brand also has a good choice, such as W11 / small white box, self-cleaning Aqs top universities dragon, such as a key sweeping and dragging, self-washing, self-replenishing water, self-drying, etc., in the obstacle avoidance navigation technology and algorithms, but also very hardcore, but also through the beauty of the app to customize cleaning, a variety of cleaning modes, in the price is also more people, especially the small white box, the price of about 3,000 yuan, the price is still very high.

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