[Virtual Bank] ‘Mox’ open selected customers trial can set savings goals to track progress

Virtual Bank

Standard Chartered Hong Kong, PCCW (0008), Hong Kong Telecom (6823) and Ctrip's virtual bank "Mox" announced that they are now open to select customers to try out the Mox service, hoping to collect their after-sales feelings for the bank to formally later this year Be ready to launch the service.

Experiences that Mox select customers can enjoy include:

Open a Mox account within a few minutes without having to apply and wait in writing. Customers can immediately obtain a bank account and electronic Mox card. There is no minimum balance requirement and the account opening fee is free.

Customers can set goals, name the goals and track savings progress in real time. You can use the "deposit computer" and other tools to establish personalized automatic savings habits. Easily establish a target account and cooperate with relevant information to achieve the next savings target.

Banking services are determined by customers. Customers are not limited by the lock-in period. Customers can name their accounts, lock and unlock cards at any time, and decide how their accounts, bank cards and customer services work.

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Asia ’s first full-featured no-number bank card ensures that customer account security is upgraded to a higher level. The bank and Mastercard launched a new generation of “digital priority” bank cards. One card for shopping and withdrawal is completed.

After receiving the physical bank card, you only need to take a photo of the card on the customer's mobile phone, which can be activated immediately through the NFC technology, without calling the customer service center.

Customers can use real-time transaction classification to track account activities and balances in real time. Customers can use the services of more than 3,000 JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong free of charge, as well as ATMs that accept Mastercard cards worldwide.