[Virtual Bank] Standard Bank's virtual bank named ‘Mox’ is expected to be put into service this year

Virtual Bank

ZA Bank led by ZhongAn Online (6060) has made progress after the trial at the end of last year. The virtual banks of Standard Chartered Hong Kong, PCCW (0008), Hong Kong Telecom (6823) and Ctrip are officially named "Mox". At present, they have begun internal testing by the staff and are expected to officially enter service within this year.

Mox cooperates with Mastercard and will soon launch the product "Mox Card", which is a no-number bank card. This physical bank card that can be used to pay and withdraw cash is not printed with the card number, expiration date and security verification code (CVV), which can reduce the risk of personal information being stolen.

In addition, all bank card information can be read through the Mox mobile application. Once the bank card is lost, the account can be frozen in the mobile application immediately, which is simple and convenient. When Mox officially launches services, all customers will receive Mox cards.

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Mox Chief Executive Deniz Güven stated that Mox will operate in a new way, including by listening to customers ’opinions and focusing on improving the share of the mind; providing Hong Kong customers with a truly digital and personalized banking experience with the goal of helping them grow together moves forward.

Mox said that the Mox brand represents unlimited opportunities: Mobile eXperience (mobile experience), Money eXperience (wealth experience), Money X (wealth multiplication effect), eXponential growth (rapid growth), eXploration (exploration), etc. Define together.