Summer concerns, finally, hair removal

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When it comes to summer, there are always many beautiful images that come to mind, such as watermelon, soda, girls in skirts.

After school vanilla bar poof, the sky is dotted with stars in the quiet summer, and they are constantly dermes hairlesstelling the story of sweet love.

However, in this beautiful season, which should be full of hormones, for girls with "exuberant" hair, is full of the agony of "hair removal," while others fly short skirts and their own hairy suits.

Although the hair loss method can alleviate the "hairy suit" of suffering, many fairies remain skeptical of hair loss. What is the function of body hair? Will removing it have an impact on your health?

Allow the fairy to speak to us about hair removal in order to solve his problem.

What purpose does body hair serve?

1.Body hair has a protective effect on the human body in the winter, heat dissipation in the summer, hair can also reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays on the scalp, especially in high temperatures, strong ultraviolet rays in Africa, fluffy curly hair helps to reduce the damage of UV rays on the skin.

2.Armpit hair plays a role in blocking and protecting our body's ability to carry out the skin, so that it is not subject to any foreign bacteria, dust, etc., as well as in aiding sweat evaporation.

3.pubic hair serves as a protective barrier for genital tissue, preventing dirt from polluting the genitals while also preventing friction. Second, because sweat glands in human pubic hair are more abundant, pubic hair serves as a "ventilation" barrier.

4.pubic hair, armpit hair, beard This part of the hair can be said to be a human body development into puberty and dermesinto one of the standard issues.

Second, does hair loss on the body have any effect on the body?

It has little influence.

The cold-proof function can be replaced by clothing, while the ultraviolet function can be replaced by sunscreen, an umbrella, a hat, and other items.

In terms of heat dissipation and secretion system function design, as long as the pore function is carried out normally, even if they do not have hair, it will not directly affect sebaceous gland secretion and heat dissipation.

Dr. Shih suggests that if it is hair that is bothering you, such as lip hair, arm hair, or leg hair, permanent hair removal can be accomplished through laser and other methods. But after all, hair has its own role, such as underarms, these intimate parts will not affect the beauty of the scene, if too much, summer clothes do not look good, appropriate hair can be carried out, there is no need for permanent hair removal.

Third, can I have hair transplant surgery using body hair?

You certainly can.

Armpit hair and pubic hair can be used for hair transplantation, which is flat and twisted, and the hair is cylindrical anddermes straight, two different forms of hair that are not suitable for hair transplantation, but can be used for beard.

Is it safe to use common hair removal methods on the market?

There are many ways to deal with hair removal, but each method has advantages and disadvantages. If hair is not removed, it can cause serious allergies, infections in students, and even folliculitis, causing social hazards to the development of health. At the moment, there are five main methods of hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a quick and painless procedure. If you're lucky, it will ensure that you never have to deal with it again. Scarring is unlikely to occur. Even if you grow armpit hair again, it will be thinner and less noticeable, and the amount will be significantly reduced.

Electric epilator:It is easy to use and carry, and you can operate and use it anytime and anywhere. You can usually keep it clean for 2-3 weeks before using it, and it still hurts a little.

Razor: This can be done at any time and the razor is reusable.

The three methods of plucking or shaving described above are prone to epidermal infections, cut skin, and cause hyperpigmentation or scarring; therefore, the proper method is to trim with round-headed scissors, which is both aesthetically pleasing and does not scratch the skin. (Note: always sterilize hair scrapers and do not share them with others.)

Hair removal ointment: A type of hair removal ointment can be a good temporary hair removal method, the effect carries about a week only by maintaining themselves for about a week, some people have allergic reaction to hair removal cream, some redness and itching and other symptoms, so should do local system test beforehand. (ps. in the purchase behavior of hair removal cream and other products, pay more attention to the enterprise product design, whether printed with the "health makeup special word" words)

Hair removal wax: Although suitable for large areas of hair removal, skin wounds should be used with caution.

If we only want to remove hair temporarily, remember to do a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the area to avoid allergies and infections.

To avoid skin burns caused by incorrect laser energy control, you should go to a regular medical facility if you want to remove hair permanently.

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How many laser hair removal treatments are needed?

The majority of patients require four to six sessions, on average. Rarely do anyone require more than eight. The majority of people show improvements after three to six visits. Additionally, because individual hairs grow in cycles, treatments are spaced roughly every six weeks.

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