How to care for dry skin on your legs

How to care for dry skin on your legs

Your skin is dry, even scaly like snake scales. This can make your feet feel sad and ...... miss out on pretty dresses. But now you don't need to worry, soon we will teach you how to care and treat dry skin, and how to whiten your skin.

1、Make a habit of drinking warm boiled water


It is recommended to drink warm boiled water with good water quality is more healthy and beneficial for the body to replenish water. Eliminate the incorrect idea of "why should I drink water if I am not thirsty". At home when you can drink some warm water, work to prepare a water glass, occasionally drink a sip, which does not affect your life, the conditions of friends to add some honey in moderation, good taste for health or, over time, will develop a good habit.

2, eat more fruits and vegetables less spicy

Diet as much as possible to eat green vegetables, especially carrots can reduce dry skin, snacks as much as possible to eat fruit, both to increase moisture and increase vitamins, improve resistance to skin health benefits. Stimulating and spicy eat less, easy to sweat and lose water.

3, less use of air conditioning and fans


If you have the habit of blowing air conditioning, slowly reduce the number of times from now on, air conditioning will suck away a large part of the moisture of the indoor air, so that the indoor air becomes dry, it will not take long for the skin moisture will also be taken away by the air. If the room has an air heater, it is still good to use it at the right time.

4、Olive oil to eliminate dry legs method

Every night before going to bed first in their calf surface evenly coated with some olive oil, no olive oil honey is also possible, then use the film will be wrapped around the calf, and so half an hour after uncovering, pay attention to the time is not too long, and then finally wash the calf clean. Adhere to a week or two after the dry skin caused by dry calf skin like snakeskin condition will have more obvious improvement.

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