Advanced wafer probing technology, power semiconductor industry application development

Advanced wafer probing technology, power semiconductor industry application development

With the rapid development of science and technology, 5G communications, aerospace, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence, big data and other core areas of technology boundaries are constantly being innovated and broken through, the chip as the core of the product technology is also being updated and iterated over and over again to meet the requirements of the higher performance standards, wafer-level testing has become increasingly important. From lab to fab, it is especially critical to speed up the product manufacturing process and improve product yields.

For many years, through continuous technological innovation, semiconductor companies have been working with their customers to solve key technological challenges in semiconductor manufacturing and collaborating with them on technology optimization and performance improvements during chip development and mass production. In the field of probing stations, Somerset not only provides probe station, but also advanced wafer probing technology, which is dedicated to the rapid transmission of more stable signals from the wafer surface to precision instruments for more accurate reliability testing, and ultimately helps customers to quickly realize.

Advanced wafer probing technology, power semiconductor industry application development

01Air-bearing chuck move™ technology

(Chuck Air bearing move™ technology)

High-Performance technology provides a wafer test displacement device and wafer tester that moves easily and quickly and locks wafers securely in place. The base has a sealing area on one surface that forms a smooth sealed chamber with opposing planes and a generator that produces high and low pressure gases that are connected to the sealing area so that when high pressure gases are generated, the buoyancy of the high pressure gases allows the sample carrier structure to be easily moved; when low pressure gases are generated, the vacuum suction of the low pressure gases holds the sample carrier structure securely in place, allowing the wafer to be easily and quickly moved and locked in place. can be easily and quickly moved and firmly locked.

Applications: wafer I-V C-V testing, RF millimeter wave testing, MEMS testing, Hall testing, high voltage and high current testing, LDLEPD testing, PCB package device ttest probe, and PAD testing of internal circuit electrodes.

The h-Series is a comprehensive manual test probe station in a high-end configuration. It offers excellent stability and maneuverability, and superior test accuracy to other probe stations in the industry. It features unique pneumatic chuck movement technology, flexible UPStart modular structure design, three-stage lifting head platform and enhanced anti-vibration system. At the same time, the equipment can support the later expansion and upgrading, can be loaded with laser repair instrument, to meet the customer's needs for a variety of test applications, the real realization of a multi-purpose machine.

02Vacuum high and low temperature environment for test data technology

SpecialConditions™ technology provides semiconductor device test probe station and semiconductor device test method, through the setup of vacuum cavity, radiation screen and other structures, can effectively create an integrated high temperature, low temperature, vacuum and other test environments, can be produced for the semiconductor device to provide a stable test environment.

Application directions: chip testing, LD/LED/PD testing, fiber optic spectral characteristics testing, IV/CV characteristics testing of materials/devices, Hall testing, electromagnetic transmission testing,micromanipulator high-frequency testing and so on.

SCG series is the first self-developed high and low temperature vacuum probe station in China, which was designed as part of the core project of "Space Environment Ground Simulator" in 2016, which is a cooperative project between Harbin Institute of Technology and China Aerospace Science and Technology. It utilizes SEMISHARE's unique strengths in laser simulation.

03Semi-Automated Probe Stage Measurement Technology

ThreeInone™ technology focuses on providing companies with a probe table and semi-automatic wafer test system equipment with a high degree of stability and developmental performance. Through the stable and economic structure of the probe table with low center of gravity, it solves the problem that the equipment is easy to shake and affect the testing accuracy in wafer testing, and ultimately ensures that the probe table works in a highly stable and safe manner, enabling students to achieve a high degree of accuracy in testing.

SEMISHARE 3 zoom patented microscope, with the industry's unique multi-field of view, three times the same focus optical system, optical 120X-2000 times magnification, multi-field of view size is displayed at the same time, so that the operation of the needle tool is more convenient; the use of semiautomatic X-series probes to meet the wafer and a variety of devices, high compatibility, test efficiency significantly improved.

Application direction: I-V, C-V, optical signal, RF, 1/f noise and other characteristics analysis, RF test, high power wafer test.

X series semi-automatic wafer probe is the industry's fastest running (> 70mm / s), the highest test accuracy (≤ 1μm) of the probe, electrical, light wave, microwave and other functions in one, with the industry's highest temperature and the widest area (-60 ° C ~ 300 ° C). It can be used in a variety of test environments, test efficiency can be increased by more than 40%, with a wealth of software test functions, can provide excellent reliability testing for a variety of advanced wafer equipment, greatly improving the process level and yield of test products.

04 Fully automated probe table measurement technology

(High-Performance™ Technology)

High-Performance™ technology has been developed to provide a highly stable fully automated wafer probe table and fully automated wafer test system equipment. By using the stable and economical structure of the fully automated wafer probe table with multiple reinforcements, we have solved the problem that the equipment is prone to shaking and affecting the accuracy of the test results during wafer testing, and ensured that the motion of the probe table is found to be stable and precise during wafer testing work.

Applications: wafer testing, various devices, I-V, C-V, optical signal, RF, 1/F noise analysis, RF testing, etc.

A series is the first high-end automated mass production probe table independently developed and produced in China. The probe table has ultra-high test accuracy and ultra-fast test speed, adopts world-class temperature control system, and has the functions of automatic loading and unloading, automatic wafer alignment, automatic wafer centering, and automatic diesize test. Meanwhile, it has the functions of wafer ID identification, single-point test and continuous test, and the test software is rich in functions. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test at the same time has a super high test speed, for enterprises to greatly improve the test speed.

Samsonite Xieer advanced wafer probe technology enterprises have been widely used in the semiconductor industry, panel data industry, research institutes and universities and colleges and universities more than 1,000 analyze the domestic market customers, help industry management applications, and promote China's domestic semiconductor industry as a whole economic development.