Clean around the computer. A convenient item to create a comfortable time and prepare a desk environment

Clean around the computer. A convenient item to create a comfortable time and prepare a desk environment

Is the area around your computer neat and tidy?

I think many people have become accustomed to desk work at home and the environment has gradually improved.

It's fun to put your favorite interiors and stationery around your desk and devise ways to make it easier to use.

However, PCs, tablets, smartphones, desk lamps, aroma diffusers ...

If the number of electrical appliances increases, the number of cords and cables will increase, and some people may have trouble organizing them.

Therefore, this time, we will mainly deliver items that make the cords and cables around the desk clean, and convenient items around the computer that make long hours of desk work easier. Please refer to it.

Organize around outlets and cables and cords with convenient items

Convenient when charging ♪

MUJI with USB mobile battery and quick charger

MUJI's USB mobile battery with quick charger is popular because it is made by Anker, which has a good reputation among mobile battery manufacturers.

If you connect your smartphone via USB while plugging it into an outlet, you will be able to charge both the battery and your smartphone together.

In addition to the short time, it is also attractive that you only need one outlet.

When you go out, you only need this mobile battery and charging cable.

Lightning terminal charging reel cable

At Daiso, it seems that reel cables with terminals are available for 200 yen.

For charging only, you can extend it up to 0.7m with a reel cable that connects your computer and smartphone.

When you pull the cable, it is wound up inside the case.

Not only when your smartphone runs out of charge on the go, but also when it is troublesome to stand in a place with an outlet at home ◎

Charger holder

The charger holder is recommended for those who want to put their smartphone on the floor while it is charging.

Although it is for iPhone, it is a charger holder that can hold the cable and AC adapter together and has a space to hold the iPhone at the top.

There is a hole to fit the AC adapter, and it has a notched structure so that the cable can be wound inside.

The area around the outlet is neat and tidy.


Wiring is neat ♪

Cable clip

Cables for personal computers are the ones that are sober on the desk. Now that everything comes with cables and cords, it's easy to get cluttered on your desk.

Some desks have wiring holes, but if not, use cable clips to organize them.

Here's an item that keeps the cables together so they don't get messed up behind your computer. It is a cable clip that I bought at Ceria.

Attach it to the edge of your desk, set the cable, and hang it down for a clean look. It is a mini size that is easy to handle.

Cable box

If the outlet in your room is far from your desk and you're using an extension cord power strip, you'll want something to hide.

The cable boxes handled by Daiso are box types that can store multiple power strips and cords together.

The slim cord holes allow for clean wiring through multiple cords.

Another point is that it has a lid that prevents dust from entering.

Twin hole cable clip

A cable clip that is convenient when you want to bundle extra cables that you purchased from Daiso.

Just tying up the cables around the outlet and the USB port will make your desk look neat.

It is a clip type that attaches directly to the cable, bundles the excess cable, and snaps it.

It seems that there are two types of development, large size and small size, so it is better to choose according to the thickness of the cable.

Face tape for binding Free cut

The face tape purchased from Ceria is also the best item for organizing cords and cables.

It is a velcro type that can be cut together according to the thickness of the cable.

Since it is tightly bundled like this, it will be compact even when it is stored. The length is 60 cm, so you can make a lot with one, so the cost performance is also good.

DIY with a mast and extra-fine wire If you have a mast with your favorite pattern, it will be fun to DIY.

A cute vinyl tie that holds the wrapping of sweets.

It's easy to make, and it's also a convenient item for organizing cords and cables.

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