U.S. formally notifies WHO of withdrawal next July 6


U.S. State Department officials announced on April 7 that the U.S. withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO) has been approved by the United Nations Secretary General. The company announced that it has formally notified that the notice is dated July 6, 2021, and the withdrawal will be one year later, on July 6, 2021. On May 29, President Trump called for the WHO's response to the new coronavirus and other issues, including the WHO's response to the new coronavirus. "Pro-China" criticized them and announced his intention to leave the group.

According to the U.N., withdrawal would require payment of the remainder of the dues. The U.S. is the largest contributor of funds to the WHO, with about 15% of the total, or about 890 million in the 18-19 biennium. It has contributed $10,000,000 ($95.7 billion) to the project. Withdrawal would inevitably be a blow to WHO's operations.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Biden, who was confirmed as the Democratic nominee for the U.S. presidential election in November, tweeted, he noted that Americans will be safer when the United States is involved in strengthening international public health. He made it clear that if elected, he would announce on his first day in office that he would stay at WHO.