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2023, these 4 industries may usher in disruptive growth

2023, these 4 industries may usher in disruptive growth

Now, look at the full liberalization of the epidemic, the market economy to repair the occasion, as a job candidate who has not found a satisfactory job, should also think about their next job search road how to go. Here the novel brother proposed to choose the following four industries, in 2023, these four industries maybest vacuum cleaner wet and dry usher in disruptive growth.

Catering and tourism

Although the epidemic three years, the catering and tourism industry has been hit harder, but with the full liberalization of the epidemic, catering and tourism will go into a massive explosive development period, especially the demand for tourism that has been suppressed for three years, may instantly explode. After all, if you stay at home for a long time, you want to run out and see, and if you eat your own food for a long time, you want to go outside and try it.

It is reported that only on the day of the announcement of the "new ten", Ctrip platform, "Guangzhou" keyword search volume increased sharply by more than 300%, Guangzhou a ticket, the surrounding tour business entrance visits each increased by 255% and 156%. At the same time, in the past two weeks, the A-share hotel and restaurant section and the tourism concept section are up more than 10%, and the Hong Kong stock hotel and resort section is also up nearly 10%.

In addition, the country also attaches great importance to the development of the tourism industry, the recent 23 departments jointly introduced the expansion of the consumer system, to stimulate tourism consumption put in the second OTC antigen testimportant position.

It is foreseeable that in the future, the restaurant and tourism industry into the recovery of the new channel upward, just around the corner. So people who want to find a job, why not pay attention to the next.

Short video field

Nowadays, smartphones continue to be upgraded, the Internet speed is getting faster and faster, and short videos make more and more people want to stop, especially during the epidemic, short videos have long become the most important spiritual power for many people to get hot news, care about various fields and carry out interactive experiences, and this habit will continue indefinitely after the epidemic.

According to the 50th Statistical Report on the Development Status of China's Internet, as of June 2022, the size of China's Internet users reached 1.051 billion, up 19.19 million from December 2021, and the Internet penetration rate reached 74.4%. And among these more than 1 billion Internet users, users of short videos reached 962 million, an increase of 28.05 million compared with December 2021, accounting for 91.5% of the overall Internet users.

Coping with such a large piece of cake as short video, more and more individuals and companies are starting to transform online in order to create their own traffic pits in the short video industry. And this will produce a huge demand for talent in short video operations, because only know how to operate, to have high-quality content exported, in order to cash in on the traffic.

Therefore, the field of short video will continue to fire down, will also have a better development prospects, interested in the can consider.

Internet industry

In the past ten years, the Internet industry has developed rapidly, creating one myth after another, while promoting a great demand for talent, for many young people in general to fulfill the wish of high-paid employment. Especially in these three years of the epidemic, the Internet has played a very important role, including online the chinese university of hong kong qs rankingoffice, online education, epidemic prevention and control, online shopping, etc. The shadow of the Internet is indispensable.

Although in these years, some Internet companies are affected by the general environment and have to control labor costs, but with the full liberalization of epidemic prevention and control, with China's full support for the digital economy, with the urgent need for digital transformation in various fields, the Internet industry still has enough room for development and will continue to thrive down. And, the Internet which is the most non-pick young people background of the industry, no matter what your education, what professional, and whether you are born in a prestigious school, in this industry can find their rightful place. It can be said that very with diversity.

In addition to software development, UI designers, front-end development, operations and maintenance engineers, test engineers and so on belong to the Internet industry's popular positions, you can according to their own situation, pick a favorite orientation, adhere to a few years, not only earnings will be climbing, and jump slot will be the major famous enterprises to compete for. Therefore, if you want to find a job, pick the Internet industry is certainly a good choice.

Vocational education industry

In recent years, the state has made major reforms to the education industry, including strict investigation of out-of-school training, strict investigation of education capitalization, such as K12 has long been basically called to a halt, millions of people have to industry transformation, the future for a long time, the K12 industry will no longer have the opportunity to develop, but at the same time, with China's economic development of increasingly diversified demand for labor, China began to pay more and more attention to the development of various forms of vocational education, to improve employees' professional skills and create a modern vocational education system.

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