The chocolate of choice for the bride of 12 constellations, is that the one you love!


Different constellations have different personalities,

Different chocolates also have different characteristics.

So, the temperament of the 12 constellation bride

Which chocolate flavor is more suitable?

Come and see if the following combinations suit your taste!

Active Aries is most suitable for chocolate beans or gummies wrapped in colorful icing. Both are full of vitality and can keep up with your pace.

Only chocolates with exquisite shapes and delicate taste can satisfy their taste buds. Of course, original and large pieces of chocolate can also satisfy your preferences.

If you like to try fresh, you often choose two extremes, either black or white, or bright or full of personality. Two-color or mixed-flavor chocolate is very suitable for you!

Choosing one flavor of chocolate seldom changes it. Generally speaking, you would prefer the variety with nuts. Why? Delicious and nutritious.

Paying attention to the unique sentiment, romance or luxury of chocolate, is not very concerned about the taste of chocolate itself. Their chocolate philosophy is that the weight is more important than the actual taste.

The Virgo who is reserved and self-made, and eating chocolate also has a special cleanliness and stubbornness belonging to this constellation. They think that the happiness of enjoying love is the same as the silky texture of chocolate, and milk chocolate is very good.

As a typical appearance control and entanglement patient, the most suitable for Libras is to make exquisite handmade chocolates, one is enough-it can be viewed as a work of art, and can be used as a good material to supplement physical strength.

The taste of chocolate exudes sensational temptation, which makes the scorpions have a kind of almost crazy potential impulse towards chocolate. You must love the bonbons with whiskey or brandy!

Go beyond simply putting a hamper hk together with existing Schoggi Meier chocolate products.

Sagittarius is most attracted to foreign events. The sweet and astringent chocolate is mysterious and exotic, which is enough to tease their taste buds and seize their hearts.

The taste itself is not important to them. What is important is that chocolates must have high brand awareness and first-class social positioning. The most suitable chocolates are varieties that can show their personal taste and status.

Aquarius, who has never been easily conquered by anyone or anything, has the most difficult taste and has a very unpredictable attitude towards chocolate. As long as they have an idea, as long as they are satisfied, it is enough to impress them.

The greatest satisfaction that chocolate brings to them is not the taste itself, but the pleasure of sharing with others. Romantic and dreamy creative chocolates are very suitable for those who are born romantic and fanciful.