With the Google Pay API, you can check out quickly and easily on your own website

With the Google Pay API, you can check out quickly and easily on your own website

Conveniently control hundreds of millions of cards stored in your global Google account with easy access.

Web Payment Process

When users click the Google Pay payment button, google pay payment gateway for website they are presented with a payment form that shows the payment methods saved to their Google account and optional fields, such as the delivery address field.

Users can quickly select a payment method, add an optional delivery address, or add new information.

The payment process is as follows.

When you click the Google Pay payment button, you will see a payment form containing a list of supported payment methods.

When the user selects a payment method, google pay will return the payment token applicable to that method to your site in a secure manner.

Your site submits this payment token and purchase details to the backend.

In order to improve payment execution, the backend needs to process the purchase transaction and send the payment token to the payment service provider.

To start using the Google Pay API, please follow these steps.

Review the list of supported processors and gateways to find the payment processor or gateway reference.

Note: If your processor or gateway is not supported, you can integrate directly. Integrations are only available to businesses that meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) Level 1 requirements.

Third parties that provide gateway or processing services on behalf of the actual merchant are not eligible to use the direct integration.

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