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6 practical computer tips, the original masters are like this to play the computer

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Why other people can become computer masters, it's because they have mastered more computer skills, learn these, you can. Today share 6 practical popular computer skills, if you do not know, I recommend collecting!

1.CMD command to quickly delete oversized folders

We are using the computer in the process, if the computer has some capacity oversized files or folders need to be deleted, and these files are dozens of GB capacity, or even on the TB level capacity, if you use the [Right Delete] or [Shift + Delete] shortcut to delete the file is indeed a little slow,online pdf conversion so we can try the CMD command to remove the efficiency of more than directly delete faster! A lot of it.

Just hold down the [Win key + R key] key combination to open the Run interface, enter [CMD] command in Run, and then [OK], as shown below.

Then we enter the command in the CMD command prompt [rmdir disk: folder name /s /q], and press the Enter key to determine can be deleted.

However, for a small amount of files is completely unnecessary, after all, you still need to enter the command, and for a large number of files, the need to take a long time folder files may wish to try this method.

2. USB can not be recognized

Have you ever encountered such a situation, is to plug the USB flash drive into the computer, there is no response, and then open the disk, can not see the USB disk drive, you will think that your USB flash drive is bad, but plugged into another computer can be opened. This is actually not a bad USB flash drive, it is a problem with your computer. How to solve it?

First of all,merge pdf rearrange pages you need to move the mouse to the computer desktop [Computer or this computer], and then right-click and select [Management], then pop up the management window, and then click [System Tools] inside the [Device Manager], find the [Universal Serial Bus Controller] double-click to open the [USB Mass Storage Device].

Finally click [Driver] to find [Uninstall] click [OK], and then uninstallation is complete, and then re-insert the USB flash drive into the computer, the system will automatically load the USB flash drive and check whether the USB flash drive can be read.

3. Recover mistakenly deleted web pages

In our daily life and work, we often open multiple websites in the webpage, sometimes we want to close one of them, but mistakenly close all the browsing pages, it is too troublesome to reopen them one by one pdf split and merge download online.

We can use the shortcut key [ Ctrl + Shift + subtitle key T ], a key to quickly delete the page restore.

4. Check the reliability of the computer and the history of the problem

Many times our computer always appear some strange problems, and then do not know where the problem occurs, so we have to search to see if there is a solution.

In fact, we just need to press [ Win + i ] to open Settings, and then search for [Reliability] and go to the search results page.

Then it will record all the events of the system, where is unstable, the problem at a glance. Through it, you can easily and quickly locate the problem.

5. Quickly clean up the disk

With the use of our computer for a long time, the disk memory is used up is a very normal thing. So how do we clean it? In fact, the method is very simple, first press [win + R] to bring up the Run box, and then enter [cleanmgr] click OK.

Finally, select the disk you want to clean up, and then directly click [OK] can be.

6, quickly convert the picture format

Many problems when we need to upload pictures, some information platforms do not support the original picture format, the need for picture format requirements for system conversion, and then by we can choose to directly click Save As, the format to PNG, click Save on it, but its picture quality may be they will be blurred and so on.

In addition, we can also choose a more convenient way, is to use the conversion tool, just import the picture, and then select the conversion format can be directly converted, very fast and convenient!