Specialization and specialization of human resource management

hrms hk

The emergence of the value and status of human resources has made HRM a hot topic, and HRM managers have transitioned to professionalism and specialization, which has put forward higher and higher requirements for HRM personnel. 3. hrms hk personnel will be generalists with professional knowledge of human resources and business management, and the HR manager position will become the path to the CEO important pathway to the CEO. The redesign of the production process, the readjustment of the organizational structure, the re-establishment of the management and evaluation system, the re-establishment of corporate values, etc.

Employee training is a strategic investment with minimal risk and maximum return. From the enterprise's point of view, training is the process of developing a reserve and enhancing the management talent team, and from the employee's point of view, work has become a process where we can continue to learn, and is an investment to improve the value of students' own culture. Employees not only need to pay attention to the quality of students to complete the teaching work, but also value from the work we learn new knowledge, new technology, to achieve the value-added of the enterprise's own human resources.

As a result of training, the unit develops significantly due to the improvement of employees' skills, and the employees gain from the development of the unit and their own efforts. At the same time, employees, who have been given vocational training, especially special vocational training, and whose value outside the unit is lower than their value inside the unit, will inevitably choose to be closely tied to the fate of the unit.

The trend of localization of human resource management has increased. China's theory and concept of advanced foreign enterprise human resource information management system loess is blindly introduced. While learning from the experience of human resource management of foreign enterprises, it is necessary to establish a localized human resource management system suitable for the characteristics of Chinese enterprises. By learning from the successful experience of foreign enterprises, following the modern HRM loess plateau, emphasizing the competence and performance orientation, establishing mechanisms such as setting positions by duties, selecting by performance, institutionalizing management, market-oriented salary, and synergizing organizational goals with individual values, we can achieve the purpose of selecting, nurturing and retaining people, so as to truly enhance the core competitive advantage of enterprises and improve the level of HR management of enterprises and perfect HR management of enterprises. The purpose is to improve the core competitive advantage of the enterprise, improve the level of human resource management and perfect the enterprise human resource management.