What are the basic principles and advantages of SLM process 3D printing out

What are the basic principles and advantages of SLM process 3D printing out

The basic principle of ps selective 3d molding laser melting (SLM) molding 3D printing process is similar to ps selective laser calcination (SLS). The specific differences depend on the different methods of fusion in powder form. Unlike SLS, which is an efficient liquid phase calcination method based on the melting of low soluble point metal materials or binders to bond high soluble point metal powders or non-metal powders together, SLM technically melts the metal powder completely, and thus its prescribed laser beam power is significantly higher than SLS.

SLM printing principle

In order to ensure the rapid melting mobile mine of the raw metal powder, SLM technology must be high power laser generator, light point focus to tens of microns. SLM technology at this stage are using light way high quality fiber laser generator, laser output power from 50W to 400W, power up to 5Xl06W/cm2 or more. Figure 6-1 for SLM technicality forming the whole process to get three-dimensional metal material parts design effect.

At first, according to the special mtr hk cell phone software to the CAD three-dimensional model of the part by cutting into pieces in a hierarchical manner, the solid model discrete variables into two-dimensional cross-sectional pattern, and the overall planning of the scanner path to obtain the laser beam scanner information content of each cross-section. Before the scanner, first according to the squeegee to feed the powder lifters in the powder-like evenly spread to the laser operating area, then the electronic computer will be based on the previously obtained laser beam scanner information content, according to the scanner scanning oscillator manipulation of laser selectively melt the metal powder to obtain the same solid line as the current stage of the two-dimensional cut into a sheet pattern. Subsequently, the lifter in the forming area is lowered by one layer thickness, and the whole process is repeated to build up the same 3D solid line as the solid model step by step.

The advantages of SLM have some dimensions as follows.

(1) Immediately driven by the 3D design solid model into the end equipment metal products, eliminating the positive intermediate articulation stage and saving the time of out of mold mold making.
(2) The laser aimed with fine spot, very easy to get high power, can produce metal material parts with high specification precision (up to 0.Imm) and excellent appearance roughness (Ra of 30-50l.cm).
(3) The formed parts have the institutional characteristics of metallurgical industrial fusion, the density can be nearly 100%, and the physical properties can be compared with precision castings.
(4) SLM is suitable for forming various kinds of complicated styles of product workpieces, such as parts with complicated internal wall structure and humanized requirements in the medical industry, which cannot be produced by traditional methods.

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