How old can a baby use a high chair?

How old can a baby use a high chair?

With the children’s high chair, parents no longer have to take turns holding their babies to feed. It’s easier for adults and babies to eat more honestly, and it’s easier to develop a good habit of eating independently. Children's high chairs can be a good helper for parents to help babies eat. However, with such a good helper, when can parents start using it?

For small babies, it is generally possible to start using the high chair after 6 months, but it is generally not recommended to use it before 6 months. There are two reasons why a high chair is not suitable for babies before 6 months: one is because some babies have started to add complementary foods at this time, but after all, it is a small amount. Best Baby High Chair,The main source of nutrition for babies is breast milk, so high chairs are not needed. Come to help the baby to eat; second, because the baby's spine development is gradually improved after 6 months of age, then the baby will start to learn to sit up, that is to say, it will not be released until the baby is 6 months old. parents sit independently on high chairs.

Therefore, the high chair is generally used after the baby is 6 months old. At this time, the baby grows fast, needs more nutrition, and needs additional supplementary food. At this time, preparing a suitable high chair for the baby can not only ensure that the baby is Normal meals for three meals a day can also protect the baby's developing spine.

Babies usually use high chairs for 1-2 years. After babies learn to walk, they don’t need high chairs. parents should also consciously prevent babies from using high chairs too much, otherwise it will be easy. Cultivating your baby’s patience is not good for your baby.

In addition, if parents feel that buying a children’s highchair will only take about 1 year for the baby, which is likely to cause economic waste, then you can try to buy a editor mentioned in the article "What is a children's highchair?" The multi-functional high chair can also be used as a small table or general chair after the baby does not need to use it to eat.

Since children's high chairs are called high chairs, they naturally have a certain height. Although most of them come with their own seat belts and fixing devices, parents should not ignore the safety of the baby. When using the high chair for the baby, parents must carefully check whether the baby’s safety work is in place, for example, check whether the seat belt is fastened, and are the wheels under the high chair with pulleys fixed? , Is the height of the dining chair properly adjusted? At the same time, parents should always pay attention to the baby's movements, and do not allow the baby to move on the high chair alone without the adult.

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